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In Case of emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact me.

In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency situation, I herby give permission to licensed emergency and healthcare personnel to provide treatment, services, and transport necessary to maintain the health of my child.

In the event medication, medical advice, treatment, and/or equipment are required, I agree to accept financial responsibility for fees in excess of Provincial and or private medical insurance. I agree that the information on this form may be disclosed to such emergency and health care personnel.

In the event of illness, accident, emergency, or any other circumstances requiring medical treatment, such treatment may be procured for the participant without legal or financial obligation to St Croix Christian Camp

All known health issues of my child have been stated to the camp. I will notify the camp if my child is exposed to any infectious or communicable diseases prior to arriving at camp.





In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way at St Croix Christian Camp, I acknowledge, understand, and agree:

Participation in activities could result in possible personal injury. Despite precautions taken by St Croix Christian Camp, accidents and injuries may occur.


If there is someone you would like to be Cabin Mates with, please enter your choices below.
We will do our best to honour your request but they cannot be guaranteed.



Cooperation with and respect for those in authority is expected and required.
- Leave cell phones, iPads, iPods, electronic games, etc. and bad attitudes at home
-Camper's are expected to behave in a safe and non-aggressive manner
-Camper's are not allowed in restricted areas (staffing housing areas, pastures, etc.)
- Modest clothing is required at all times
- For the protection of our campers, while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere of fun and adventure, St Croix Christian Camp insists that campers adhere to our code of conduct. NO Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sexual misconduct will be tolerated. Campers breaking the code or who are rebellious and uncooperative may be picked up early by parents/guardians. (NO Refunds will be issued for these campers). Every effort however, will be made to make your child's stay at camp both enjoyable and safe.

Electronics and Cell Phones

- St Croix Christian Camp adheres to a strict NO Cell Phone/Electronics policy for campers. SCCCamp believes that the camp experience is a way of stepping outside the rhythm and routine of everyday life into an engaging week which helps to shape the campers independence and problem solving abilities. The camp atmosphere encourages campers to step outside of their comfort zones and participate in new activities free from electronics. Cell phones may promote homesickness, hinder the camper's ability to create friendships and allow inappropriate posting of pictures to social media sites. In adherence to this policy, campers should not bring electronic games, i-pods or cell phones to camp.


- Campers are not permitted to smoke or vape at camp. Please do not send or encourage campers to bring cigarettes or vapes to camp. The camp must be informed about campers with a nicotine habit.


If a camper's conduct or management becomes dangerous to themselves or others we will:
- manage the situation to the best of our abilities
- contact the parents or emergency contact person for guidance and to inform of action taken.
- Unresolvable problems rarely occur at camp but when all other plans of action have been tried, we will ask the parents/guardians to transport their camper home.

Campers will get three warnings for misconduct. As well, privileges may be lost (ie. canteen)
- 2nd warning will include a phone call home
- 3rd warning may result in early dismissal

Campers dismissed from camp WILL NOT receive a refund.


Although we don't mind visits, we have found that sometimes a visit from a parent/guardian is what makes campers homesick. Therefore, if you're thinking of visiting your child while at camp, we ask that you contact the camp director first to see how your child is doing. The camp director will be accessible 24/7 during all camps.

If you do come to visit the camp grounds, please visit the camp director or the kitchen staff upon arrival to let them know your there.


For our camp programs, we welcome any camper regardless of their gender identity. Our staff is trained to share the love of Jesus with all campers and provide a safe space for them. In order to create this environment, we have some guidelines that need to be respected in order for gender issues to not become a disruption at camp. We want to share these with you in advance, so that parents, along with children, can make an informed decision about whether or not St Croix Christian Camp is the right fit. If your child identifies as LGBTQ, please discuss these guidelines with them prior to registering them for camp, to make sure they can feel comfortable in this setting.

1. Any camper identifying as LGTBQ must not use their camp experience as an opportunity to try and force other campers to accept their viewpoint on gender identity. If the expression of their gender becomes disruptive, we may decide to remove the camper, for the benefit of the camper and the other campers in the cabin.

2. Conversely, if any camper harasses or makes a significant issue with a camper who is identifying as LGTBQ, he/she may be asked to stop immediately as we do not permit bullying in any way at the camp.

3. For those identifying as transgender, they will be housed with their biological birth gender. Our staff will use biological gender pronouns consistent with the housing in which the camper is staying or simply use their name.


I have read and understood the terms of this agreement and BY ALLOWING MY CHILD(REN) to participate in the camp, I am voluntarily agreeing to abide to these terms. I confirm that the participant (my child) is physically and mentally able to participate in all activities of the camp, unless specifically indicated otherwise in writing.




Our goal is to extend the enriching experiences of our camp to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. We understand that individual situations vary, and we encourage you to share your unique needs with us. Your privacy is our top priority, and all information provided will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. We do offer payment plans to help spread the cost out over several months. However, if you require further financial assistance, please check the box below and someone will be in touch with you.


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